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„Nebojsa“ – “Don’t be afraid!” Young people who want to succeed in graphic design, design, architecture, fashion, and other fields have creative ideas. Some even a lot of very creative ideas. But it is often difficult for them to explain them simply and convincingly.

That is why the Nebojsa workshop was created! Participants will learn how to easily express the most important things through words and appropriate graphic form. It will help them in communication with co-workers, sponsors, and clients. Capturing this essential shifts the creator himself – having a clear mind is the basic step to realizing any idea.

We devote ourselves to creative work and are the workshop is based on our own experience.

Karolína Vránková is a journalist who writes about architecture and design for Respekt magazine and other print media. Klára Kvízová is a graphic designer with her own experience. In two decades of our work, we have gained good and bad experiences, insight, and perhaps even understanding – we al-ready know that creating something is sometimes fun and quite often suffering as well. Nebojsa! work-shop offers the essence of what we have learned so far. We have summarized this in the basic proce-dures and tricks that we will try to pass on to the participants.

We also know that it is often our fears that prevent a person from convincingly presenting their idea. Nebojsa! (“Don’t be afraid!”) is also a preparation against fear, which is why we named him after a fair-ytale guy who may not have been a genius, but he wasn’t afraid of anything which helped him to suc-ceed.

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