Pavel Mára: Photographs

What can be the result of work that lasts almost three years? Either the project gets out of hand, you forget where and when you promised something someone, or you have the time and distance to finish the job properly. In this case, both were true – we kept looking for the right documents, corrections or photos. And we also refined the book and pulled the details – we have probably never experienced this yet because we have very high demands. However, the author, photographer Pavel Mára, exceeded all expectations with his level of thoroughness.

The book had several developmental stages, but over time we abandoned almost everything that could be called “design”. Thus, the photos remained in the format on a strict grid, arranged one after other, until short colorful or black-and-white mini-booklets were created from individual cycles. The overall impression of the cycles is enhanced by five folding pages, that show the author’s triptychs side by side. Each of the cycles is indicated by small icons that give the reader the opportunity to see the entire set side by side. As the most colorful color, we chose gray – Pantone Cool Gray 9, which was an unexpected challenge for the printer.

The book is in a white cloth hardcover, in two versions of a bookbinding appendix, where Are author name and title of the book. The embossing of the title is an incredible 21 x 27 cm, with a photo of the same size pasted on it.

Concept: Martin Groch, Klára Kvízová, Petr Krejzek, ReDesign
Photographs: Pavel Mára
Preparation of photographs for printing: Radek Typovský, studio Marvil
Bookbinding processing of the book title: Jan Činčera, Činčera studio
Font: Trivia Slab
Paper: Garda Pat 1.3 Kiara
Print: 7 colors, CMYK + 2 direct, Indigoprint Prague
Published by: Mara, in collaboration with Kant
Photo of the publication on the web: Oto Palán